Protection Plan

  1. Warranty Deed: Every property we sell is conveyed by Warranty Deed. Simply put, this guarantees clear title certified to you.

  2. Registered Survey: All of our properties have been recently surveyed by a New York State Licensed Surveyor. The maps produced by this survey are on file in the county where the property is located. When you buy from the Moose River Land Co. you will receive a copy of the survey map.

  3. Financing: ...As in the best financing package in the land business. Click to find out more.

  4. Professional, licensed staff: Every person who works for the Moose River Land Co. holds a current New York State Real Estate License. We're not aware of another N.Y. land company that can make that claim and back it up.

  5. Environmental Approvals: The most important ingredient being "approvals". Anyone can make a claim of being an "environmentally sensitive" land company but what does that mean? Nothing that we're aware of. Anytime we buy or consider buying property with potentially sensitive areas we call the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. The Region 6 (Watertown NY) habitat office knows us well. Although 90% of the time our concerns are unfounded we'd rather let the D.E.C. know that we continue to play it safe. If permits are required we obtain them, no exceptions. We're proud of our environmental record which includes zero instances of citation or fines regarding environmental offenses, or any other offenses for that matter. Again, we know of no other land company even close to our "zero" record. Many lay claim to environmental sensitivity but the record is the only true indicator. Feel free to check ours anytime.

  6. Customer Service: We may be a bit behind the times but when you call our office an actual person will answer. You won't even have to "press 1 for english". We're here for the long haul and are eager to help our customers at every opportunity. Call us at (800) 260-2148 and you'll see for yourself.

  7. Lot Information Statement: In short, our Lot Information Statement provides you, the buyer, every bit of information we have on any property you're interested in. We'll include names of town/county officials you may need to contact for permits etc. Also you find information concerning taxes, utility availability, local contractors, etc. Much more than we could list here but rest assured you will be informed when you buy from the Moose River Land Co.

Contact Information:
Moose River Land Company
9836 Pronevitch Rd.
Westernville, NY 13486

Home Office: Mick Jones (315) 827-4700
Fax: (315) 827-4367
Land Sales: (877) 471-3286
Land Acquisitions: Mike Miller (315) 5297451 or (315) 376-2180