Financing Solutions

...and we do mean solutions. Trying to secure financing for unimproved land can be quite a challenge to say the least. Historically if financing was available the terms were so prohibitive it wasn't worth pursuing. Not any longer.

Today the Moose River Land Co. is proud to offer the most progressive financing program in the land business. Terms offered today typically require a 35% down payment with terms out to 30 years. Our exclusive lenders are also anxious to discuss construction loans with any interested, qualified buyers.

As in all cases credit approval is required. Once we submit your application, the approval process will take place in a matter of hours. Call today for the most up to date interest rate quotes. The Moose River Land Co. isn't just offering "financing", we're offering financing solutions. Call now we'll show you how easy it is.

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"...I'd like to let Mick know what a pleasure it was dealing with your company and especially Dave Alguire... I had a real bad experience dealing with one of your competitors a few months ago. A real aggressive and pushy salesman I did not feel comfortable with. The Moose River Land Co. is not like that and made the whole experience easy and hassle free. Your lawyer was also great to deal with. I have wanted to buy land up there for a long time. I'm sure mine was one of your smaller sales but it was my whole life's savings. Dave and the Moose River Land Co. made me comfortable throughout the process and it was easier than I thought it could be. Thanks for everything!" - K.Webb N.J.

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