Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know I can build on my property?: "Buildable" simply means the property can support an onsite sewage disposal system. Also known as a septic system. Every parcel we sell has been evaluated by an INDEPENDENT licensed professional engineer. Their evaluation will include a soils report and a recommended disposal system. If any property sold by us can not support an onsite system we will refund your money including closing costs. That's a promise.

Do I get mineral, gas and timber rights with my property?: You bet you do, everytime and you won't hear that from everyone in this business. Unfortunately we still see examples of people trying to sell land to someone without the buyer receiving the timber rights. Here's some free advice: if anyone tries to sell you land while they keep the timber rights run, don't walk, run as fast and far as possible! Unless it wouldn't bother you to show up to your property one day and find you don't have any trees. We can guarantee you every piece of property we sell includes timber rights. No exceptions.

How long does it take to close? Typically 2-4 weeks. The survey, title search/certification are completed by us prior to the property going on the market. We'll be ready to close in no time at all.

Do you have references? Plenty, we could provide a list anytime. But let's be honest. If we give you a list of

"references" you can pretty much guarantee they're going to say "the right thing". Here's a better idea: We invite you to call any town/county official in Lewis, Oneida, Herkimer, Oswego, Jefferson, and St.Lawrence counties. You could also call the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation/habitat office in Watertown NY (our regional office). We're proud of our reputation and eager to share it with anyone interested. If you need phone numbers just give us a call. We'll be happy to provide them.

Is the Moose River Land Company a Logging Company? We get asked this from time to time. Reason being there are still some that are in the logging business that sell land under the guise of being in the land business. We aren't one of them. The Moose River Land Co. is an authentic land company and proud of it. We have plenty of friends in the logging business but we stick to what we're best at.

Do I need an attorney? That decision is up to you. The most important ingredient with this purchase is that the property title is certified to you. We guarantee it will be. The attorney we use would be happy to speak with you at anytime if you have questions concerning your purchase.

What exactly are "timber rights"? A question we probably should have explained earlier. Better late than

never. Timber rights are simply the ownership of marketable trees on a particular property. In other words it's possible to own a piece of land and NOT have ownership of the trees on that property,if you can imagine that. A typical scenario is someone attempts to sell a piece of property and retain the timber rights for what is usually an agreed upon period of time. Typically this could be 1-2 years.It's quite common for the party that holds the timber rights to extend the time frame until they get around to cutting trees off YOUR property. What will happen is the party that holds rights to the marketable trees (the ones worth $$) will come back to that property,cut the trees and sell them.The property owner will not get a penny of that money. Land companies do NOT do this. Loggers do. The story a prospective buyer will be told is "the land would cost 2 times this amount if we let you have the trees". We can describe that a lot of ways but it's pure BS. If anyone tries to sell YOU land and they keep the timber rights you had better get some advice,the legal kind,before you sign anything.You can be sure the Moose River Land Company will NEVER EVER engage in this ripoff. With us you get the whole nine yards,no exceptions.

Do I need to buy an "owners" title insurance policy? We aren't lawyers so we can't give you legal advice. What we can give you is an opinion of how we look at it. In most scenarios if you are borrowing money to buy property the lender requires you purchase a title policy. This policy "covers"them,not you. The so called coverage only lasts until the note is paid off. By the way,our lenders DO NOT require this. That should give you an idea of what Title Insurance is worth. An Owners Policy is a one time purchase that is paid for by the purchaser and covers them for as long as they own the property. Now here's what's important. If anyone attempts to sell you an Owners Policy make sure you get a copy of the policy for your attorney to review BEFORE you sign anything. If you take a look at a Title Insurance Policy you'll find something quite peculiar to say the least. It lists several pages of what it DOESN'T cover. You may very well have a difficult time concocting a scenario this "policy" does cover.Throw in the fact commisions paid to the attorneys who sell the policies are upwards of 60%-70% of the price of the price of the policy and you've got a good idea of what's going on. Also find out who owns the Title Company. If the lawyer in front of you owns the company then you probably know all you need to know. This is what's referred to as doubledipping. Although highly unethical this practice is still allowed in New York State. If you are considering buying a piece of property and are told you have to buy an Owners Policy,somethings wrong. If it's written into your contract to purchase with out your approval it's against the law. As is true in all cases where money is involved,be careful. For your information,the Moose River Land Co. has no affiliation with any Title Insurance Co.and have no interest in who does or doesn't buy this product. This is a decision for you and your lawyer. If you choose to buy a policy your lawyer can most likely sell it to you. Ask questions and get answers before you sign anything.

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