About Us

What motivates us to work in this business? People, simple as that. The people we work with, and the people we do business with. The most rewarding part of this business are the friendships that we've established over the years. Too many to mention. We'd like to invite your family to join us.

Starting this business was an easy decision for us. We all love where we live, we're proud of where we live. We take great pride in our business and it's reputation. Talking to others about where we live, and educating others about this area is natural. The same thing can be said about selling the land here, natural.

Many people, including us, grew up spending our weekends at the family camp. Eventually only our vacations were spent at camp, or any day we could call a holiday. Friends and family came together to enjoy all camp has to offer. Whether it be a swim in a nearby lake, or better yet a river. Maybe a little fishing but definitely the afternoon cookout followed by the evening campfire. Imagine your family doing the same. These memories filled our childhood and today parenthood. To borrow a phrase, this isn't a Hallmark moment, it's a way of life.

Our family focused philosophy is the one attribute that defines us from everyone else in this business.

If there is one thing our customers have in common - it's the desire to provide these opportunities for their family and friends. That's where we can help. Dreams of the family getaway, second home, retirement home, and hunting camp are easier to realize than ever when you're buying from the Moose River Land Co. Our specialty is making these dreams become reality for people like you.

With the Moose River Land Co. you'll get the specialized attention that only a small company can provide. At the same time you'll receive the service only a specialized full time staff guarantees. Just one call and we'll have you, your family and friends on your way to securing the lifestyle we all love. Call now to speak with one of our licensed sales staff and see how easy and hassle free we make it.

Contact Information:
Moose River Land Company
9836 Pronevitch Rd.
Westernville, NY 13486

Home Office: Mick Jones (315) 827-4700
Fax: (315) 827-4367
Land Sales: (877) 471-3286
Land Acquisitions: Mike Miller (315) 5297451 or (315) 376-2180